When you sign up for myEHSportal, your client provided site-specific data will be uploaded – “My Resources”. It is your cloud storage hub within your secure client portal. You will have 24/7 access to your facility information from any internet connected device. And you can upload EHS files too!

Cloud Based EHS Data Storage is great solution for tackling stressful problems like:

  • Will my Hazard Communication and SDS Program information be available as required?
  • If my EHS manager is out of town or otherwise unavailable, how will we be able to respond to an emergency or agency inspection?
  • How will I access my facility information in the event of an emergency from a remote location, or if other facility EHS designee is unavailable?

Based on client provided site-specific data the Cloud Based EHS Data Storage serves as a secure online repository for your EHS related Documents.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • SDS (Safety Data Sheets) – Includes updating and maintaining current versions locations
  • RCRA Waste Management
  • OSHA Plans
  • Water & Air Programs
  • Audits and Inspections
  • Facility Site Maps
  • Any and all other EHS related documents

The critical components of your EHS program will be secured within your Cloud Based EHS Data Storage resource hub. In the event that facility data needs to be accessed due to a regulatory inspection, internal meeting and/or request, or a facility emergency, your Environmental Health and Safety documents will be available in a structured and organized manner – 24/7, accessible from any online device.. 

Your Cloud Based EHS Data Storage partners with your site-specific EHS Compliance Manual and EHS Tracking & Notifications module to provide the support and  structure your facility needs.  And if you ever need additional EHS assistance, you can always reach out to My EHS Consultant – powered by Harrow Environmental (it’s like Teledoc for EHS managers).