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How does myEHSportal Work?

Step 1:

Our team builds your facility a site-specific EHS compliance profile based on Environmental Health and Safety data that you provide through our on-boarding questionnaire. You can expect questions like: How many Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) do you have onsite? What is your SIC code and other site-specific questions that drive regulatory compliance.


myEHSportal’s Environmental Auditors and Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs) will evaluate your EHS data and determine what regulations are applicable to your facility.

Step 3:

We will use your EHS data and the determined applicable regulations to develop your online Site-specific Compliance Manual and real-time EHS Tracking and Notifications module (the module includes a real-time EHS calendar that tracks events and an option for notifications).

Step 4:

Your Compliance Manual and EHS Tracking and Notification module is stored on your own secure online portal for easy access anytime, anywhere!  And, as an added bonus,  your portal comes with unlimited storage for your current Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) documents – including SDSs (we will update old SDS versions and maintain current SDSs)!

How much does it cost?

We determine the initial cost based on site-specific factors that include: facility SIC code, number of SDSs onsite and facility location. Take a look at the example below.


Here’s an example for a concrete batch plant in Phoenix, Arizona. The typical concrete batch plant operates under SIC 3273, has 75 SDSs, 20 employees, a baghouse, and indoor/outdoor production areas.  

Step 1:

myEHSportal’s inventory technician visits onsite, reviews on-boarding questionnaire, takes a chemical inventory and sketches a facility map. 

Step 2:

myEHSportal’s auditing and safety team reviews questionnaire, chemical inventory data and site map.

Step 3:

myEHSportal’s development team develops the site-specific Compliance Manual and guidance for all applicable regulatory programs (Air Permit, Stormwater Permit, HazMat Plan, Safety Program, Etc.) The team also creates a digital site map, stormwater map and an evacuation map.

Step 4:

myEHSportal’s technology team uploads the facility compliance manual, maps, and all other EHS data to the secure client portal. In addition, the team updates all SDSs to the most current version and uploads SDS to the portal. The EHS Tracking and Notifications module is activated and calendar events populated.

First Year (75 SDSs): $4,980 ($415/mo)

After 1ST year: $300/mo 

 Subscription includes: annual inventory, map updates, maintenance of EHS documents, including SDSs, EHS Tracking and Notification module and cloud storage system.  


Frequently asked Questions

Our team of EHS professionals has over 150 years of combined Environmental Health and Safety experience. We put this experience to work when we analyze your EHS data. We compare your data against regulatory eligibility across Federal, State and Local agencies and this analysis drives the production of your site-specific Compliance Manual.

myEHSportal is your resource for staying on top of changing regulations! Our team is dialed in to regulatory news on federal, state and local channels. In fact, inside your client portal, you’ll have a news feed that is dedicated to providing you with current regulatory news that is tailored to your facility.

Yes! In fact, myEHSportal includes data storage within your client portal. We’ll store organize, sort and store your EHS data – including SDSs. You’ll have 24/7 access across any online device.

myEHSportal clients have access to our team of professional EHS consultants. We call it “My EHS Consultant”. Our team is available 24 hours a day/7days a week to provide real-time assistance. You can think of it like Teledoc for EHS professionals. 

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